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FOX News
Feb 27, 2014 8:00am PST
the midterms of president in second terms t happened to past presidents, including bill clinton, for example. i think it is interesting obamacare actually cuts both ways. it is issue that will motivated the republican base a great deal. it is also motivating the democratic base. it is very well thought of and very supported among the democratic party base. it would be guess whose base is more motivate? if i had to guess the anger on the right will be more than the support on the left. jon: ron fournier, nina easton, thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. jenna: we'll take you now live to the white house. the first lady gets ready to announce a proposal by the fda to make major changes to the nutrition fact labels on all packaged foods of the you see secretary sebelius up there talking about this announcement today. elizabeth prann is live with more. we're waiting on word from the white house. what can we expect. >> reporter: we expect to hear from the first lady like you said who will formally announcing label changes. it will however not happen overnight, could be some time, ev
FOX News
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
with it. why it could end up hurting hillary clinton in 2016 some analysts say. >>> a pregnant woman drives her minivan filled with children right into the surf in daytona beach. the dramatic rescue and why she did it. >>> a report about common antibiotics. what dangers they propose and what the cdc is recommending. jon: dramatic video captures a scary hit-and-run it happened at an intersection in california. watch the right side of your screen as a 14-year-old girl trying to cross the street is hit by two vehicles. police say she was trying to cross against the red light. first a red pickup truck hit her. then a black sedan. they're charging owner of sedan with felony hit-and-run because he left the scene. they're still looking for the driver of the red pickup truck. the girl was taken to the hospital with leg injuries but she is expected to be okay. >> so lucky, right? she wasn't more injured. a new jersey judge ruling against an 18-year-old honor student suing her parents. we told awe little bit this yesterday. rachel canning was seeking $650 a week and thousands of dollars in att
FOX News
Feb 26, 2014 8:00am PST
right. some prominent democrats eyeing the white house. the competition that hillary clinton might face from within her own party if she decides to throw her hat in the presidential ring in 2016. jon: big developments on our top stories and breaking news this hour. jenna: the irs in the hot seat yet again. agency higher-ups taking tough questions as two hearings on capitol hill. also new testimony in the trial of a social eight accused of hiring a hit man to kill her ex-husband. what prosecutors say was her motive. >>> the bitter cold is back with snow. it is all "happening now." start off with a fox news alert. ukraine's ousted president placed on an international wanted list for the mass murder of government protesters. that is creating a deeper rift within the country. great to see you. i'm jenna lee. jon: i'm jon scott. ukraine's western half, the ukrainian-speaking, pro-european side, against the russian-speaking portion backed by moscow saying terrorists are imposing their will in ukraine. some people are openly calling for cessation, a split from the country. greg palkot is
FOX News
Mar 6, 2014 8:00am PST
feeling sorry for hillary clinton right now because assuming she is the democratic nominee, we now have these delays at will delay cancellations of policies going into 2016, the presidential election year, and we have got as well the employer mandate, big chunks of that don't take place until 2016, so this is all kicking the can down the road politically. democrats are feeling the pain, 33% feel they perceive they were hurt directly by obamacare and only 14% say they have been helped so if you're looking at a law that provides winners and losers, you want to maximize winners and minimize the impact of losing. jon: you say this delay is actually going to only hurt enrollment in obamacare and sort of depressed the overall numbers. what do you mean by that? >> it has been going on for six months, the tumultuous rollout, website problems, they are an enrollee are often not. it has not been paid on their behalf because of computer problems. now yo you're looking at the pee they are really eyeing. many had been previously insured. they are not part of the new universal coverage group we are l
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4